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Key Differences Between Long-Term and Short-Term Office Leases

Jun. 4, 2018 by

When you decide to start looking for a new office lease, or if you’re a first-time commercial lessee, there are a lot of issues to consider prior to signing on the dotted line. One factor you’ll have to think seriously

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How Will An Energy-Efficient Office Lower My Energy Bills?

May. 28, 2018 by

Going green is here to stay, both in people’s personal lives and in business. If you’re thinking about renting an energy-efficient office, you should give some thought to how exactly this type of workspace will lower your company’s energy bills.

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When Should I Start Planning For My New Office Lease?

May. 15, 2018 by

Leasing an office space is exciting, but also somewhat daunting, especially for people who have never done it before. If you’ve recently begun thinking about renting a new workspace, you probably aren’t sure if you’re getting ahead of yourself or

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Reasons to Get Your Employees’ Input About a New Office

May. 4, 2018 by

Deciding to move to a new office is a big deal, and it’s not a choice you should make alone. Your employees ought to play a role in helping you find a workspace that will be great not only for

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Learn About Office Leases

Apr. 18, 2018 by

Leasing an office is an exciting time, whether it’s for an established business looking to grow or a startup seeking a space to get the ball rolling. Regardless of the size of your business, it can be easy to fall

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Tips for Leasing an Office for the First Time

Apr. 10, 2018 by

Leasing an office space is exciting, as it’s a fresh start for your company and employees. While searching for the perfect space can seem overwhelming, and you must possess a particular level of patience, it’s worth it to search for

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Features to Look for in Your Next Office

Apr. 4, 2018 by

When searching for your next office it’s important to consider both the interior and exterior of the space, along with location. An office space greatly impacts company morale and the day-to-day operations at your company. As you search for your

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How Can I Add Color to My Workspace without Painting?

Mar. 27, 2018 by

There’s plenty you can do to add a burst of color in your workspace without having to make a financial splurge. While we typically opt for a new paintjob, there are other ways we can bring some color into the

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How to Make Your Office Space Feel Like Home

Mar. 14, 2018 by

Most of us are in the office 40 hours a week, so we do as much as we can to make it feel like home. While more and more companies are investing in new furniture, purchasing snacks for the kitchen,

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How to Create Balance for Your Office Floor Plan

Jan. 25, 2018 by

The aesthetics of an office are sometimes overlooked by companies, but it’s often beneficial to create a warm and inviting office space for both employees and potential clients. Although this may not seem essential, the overall design of the office