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Everything You Need to Know About Signing a Commercial Lease

Nov. 2, 2018 by

Considering that the office lease might be the largest monthly expense when it comes to owning a business, it’s a smart idea to get a solid grasp on how commercial leases work before signing. We’ve compiled a list of the

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Is There a Difference Between Leasing & Buying a Commercial Property?

Oct. 29, 2018 by

A wide array of businesses, including medical offices, laboratories, storefronts, and factories, work out of a commercial space. Whether you’re a new company looking to set up your first office or an established business seeking expansion, it can be challenging

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Mistakes to Avoid When Leasing an Office

Oct. 16, 2018 by

Leasing an office space is a great way to help your business grow, but finding the right space to lease can be a challenge. One of the best ways to avoid mistakes during the leasing process is to learn from

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Tips & Tricks to Save Costs When Leasing an Office

Sep. 20, 2018 by

In the market for a new office? If you’ve never relocated offices or leased an office space, you may have an extensive list of questions and concerns. How to cut costs without sacrificing amenities or convenience is often a priority

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How Can I Increase Productivity in My Office?

Aug. 3, 2018 by

Whether you’ve recently leased a new office in the Greater Boston Area or you are currently in the process of looking, it may be helpful to know that productivity in the office can sometimes decrease during the summer, and to

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How Is an Open Floor Plan Beneficial To My Employees?

Jul. 2, 2018 by

The topic of whether to have a closed versus an open office has been long debated. Many companies today, however, are going with the open floor plan. Not too long ago, many office spaces featured rows of cubicles with the aim of

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What Amenities Should I Look For When Leasing an Office?

Jun. 12, 2018 by

When the time comes for you to lease a new office for your business, there are numerous things to evaluate. The obvious issues, of course, are how much space you need, what part of town you want to be in,

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Key Differences Between Long-Term and Short-Term Office Leases

Jun. 4, 2018 by

When you decide to start looking for a new office lease, or if you’re a first-time commercial lessee, there are a lot of issues to consider prior to signing on the dotted line. One factor you’ll have to think seriously

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How Will An Energy-Efficient Office Lower My Energy Bills?

May. 28, 2018 by

Going green is here to stay, both in people’s personal lives and in business. If you’re thinking about renting an energy-efficient office, you should give some thought to how exactly this type of workspace will lower your company’s energy bills.

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Reasons to Get Your Employees’ Input About a New Office

May. 4, 2018 by

Deciding to move to a new office is a big deal, and it’s not a choice you should make alone. Your employees ought to play a role in helping you find a workspace that will be great not only for