Posted by on January 21, 2020

Upgrading to a modern, amenity-filled office space could help allow your business to truly thrive. If you’re coming from a smaller office space, or you’re new to business, you may need some ideas about what you can do with your new office rental, and more specifically, your new conference room.

Presentations for Clients and Staff

The conference room is an ideal location when you have a new idea or strategy to present to clients or colleagues. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to capture attention when giving a presentation. The décor in the room could be distracting, or the size of the room could be cramped. An effective conference room will offer a comfortable environment whose design allows meeting attendees and the presenter to view and engage with each other. 

Training Sessions for Employees 

If you have employees or associates working alongside you, training sessions will be necessary from time to time. Using the formal environment of a conference room to conduct training sets a serious tone, and having everyone gathered around a table facilitates participation and engagement. 

Interviews for Potential New Hires

Managing a staff is tricky, no matter how large or small. Whether you are expanding your staff or searching for a replacement for a current colleague, it can be helpful to meet with candidates in a neutral, appropriately private setting. Your new conference room is the perfect place, as it provides a professional atmosphere with the added benefit of confidentiality.

 Board or Committee Meetings

Whatever the structure of your business, chances are you’ll need to have a meeting with internal team members or external partners at some point. Let your team get together in a designated conference room. The flexible space allows you to get out of your regular workspace and focus purely on the task at hand.

Client Meetings

Maybe your business brings you a larger client, one that requires you to meet with many representatives. Your office space may not be equipped with a space to accommodate such a gathering. At TradeCenter 128, your office lease provides you access to the conference room rentals available at the on-site Cummings Executive Suites

TradeCenter 128: Providing Exceptional Workspace Solutions for More Than a Decade

You can feel confident that you’ll have enough space to meet with client groups of a variety of sizes. The rooms are perfect for pitching to potential new clients or sharing information with your existing ones. Contact Trade Center 128 to learn about available office spaces and set up a tour today.