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When leasing a new office space, there is a lot for businesses to consider. While the workspace layout may be perfect for employees, the conference room should also be a core focus for companies that hold meetings. When employees are in a conference room for an extended period of time, they may become bored or agitated. If you have set up your conference room in a way that is inviting and comfortable, however, your employees will be better able to focus and collaborate.

Create a positive corporate culture by equipping your conference room with all the necessary elements to keep employees and other individuals in a creative and inspired state of mind.

In this article, we share five ways to use your new conference room:

  1. Build a productive and collaborative environment 

    Several factors can foster collaboration, creativity, and memory retention. Create an open space with plenty of seating so each employee feels completely comfortable. Utilize such collaborative resources as interactive whiteboards so that employees can bounce ideas off one another.

  2. Simplify presentation-sharing

    Presenting to your colleagues can be a nerve-wracking experience. Outdated technology and visual obstructions make for an even more challenging public speaking scenario. Make sure the presentation area is clean and organized and that all parties can see. This will lend your office a more professional vibe and allow your employees to feel confident when presenting. Smart TVs make for great presentation tools, as many can sync wirelessly to PCs and laptops.

  3. Know exactly when the conference room is available

    Many offices choose to have glass walls or doors around their conference rooms. This transparent barrier helps employees avoid interrupting a meeting that is in progress. If your office prefers more privacy, set up a system that will allow employees to schedule time to use the conference room.

  4. Add the right amenities 

    The conference room should be designed in a modern way with employee comfort in mind. One way to create a negative atmosphere and kill creativity is to put your employees in uncomfortable chairs. Also, having water, coffee, and snacks on hand will help meeting participants stay focused and reduce trips to the breakroom.

  5. Equip your conference room with software, hardware, and additional cables 

When preparing a meeting-friendly environment, make sure to equip your conference room with cables and adapters for online connectivity. Also, consider whether you need special hardware for remote business meetings, a high-quality USB camera, and a speakerphone.

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