Posted by on October 31, 2019

Are you moving your business into a new office? Hopefully, your new office space will enhance your company’s operation by providing more room for employees or even cutting down on commute time. These advantages will help improve employee productivity but don’t let the move itself set you and your team back. Read our blog on move-in day best practices to follow when moving your business to a new office space.

Did you hire movers?

Before your move, did you hire movers to bring furniture and other large items? If so, you want to ensure all your items arrived the day before the rest of the office moves. Having the movers bring in these items during ‘day one’ while employees are in the office can be disruptive and a distraction. Additionally, you may want to put someone in charge to oversee and direct the movers bringing in these items. This way, the movers can efficiently unpack and place these items in the correct locations.

Getting there early

Consider requesting that employees plan to get to the new office a little earlier than usual. Because people will be discovering their new route to work and having to set up their new desks, this will give people the extra time they need. 

Assign a point of contact for all moving questions

Dedicate a member of your staff as the Moving Day ‘Czar.’ From best route and parking details to questions about the new facility, this staff member is the point of contact for all things moving. Be sure to send out an email with this person’s contact info and also be sure he or she is available via text. If there are any issues on day one, a text is easier to quickly send than an email.

Questions to have answered for employees

The following are some questions you may want to have already answered during the days leading up to the first day of move in:

  • Where to park? Is there assigned parking?
  • What is the nearest public transportation?
  • Are there any on-site amenities? Coffee shop?
  • In addition to the address, what is a nearby place of reference?

These are frequently asked questions by employees, and providing the answer upfront could alleviate problems such as people being lost, late, or unprepared for the first day in the new office.

Day one incentives

Setting up desks and getting acclimated to a new space are activities that can be tedious for your employees. Make the day one people will look forward to and enjoy! Coffee, doughnuts, and bagels are always a welcome greeting when stepping off the elevators or through the doors to your new office space. As employees get situated, they can enjoy coffee and breakfast while talking with new officemates now in their proximity.