Posted by on July 23, 2019

Ask employees something they look forward to about the end of the day, and it might be something complex and nuanced. Sure, they miss their families while they’re at work, and they might even like going home to cook or practice a hobby. For a lot of workers, however, the answer is much more simple. They miss being outside. You can’t necessarily move the office outdoors, but one thing is for sure: natural lighting makes a huge difference. Windows in the office can help workers stay alert, more focused, and dedicated to the task at the top of their to-do lists. Here are a few of the benefits of an office with natural light.

Why Look for Natural Light?

Natural light helps us to feel focused and energized. Sunlight signals to our bodies that we are awake, active, and alert. When kept under lightbulbs for too long, we can start to feel drained and empty. Here are a few reasons why.

Eyesight Health

Even on a super sunny day, it’s healthy for our eyes to be seeing natural light (provided that we aren’t staring directly into the sun). The fluorescent lights of many office spaces can be harsh on our eyes. If workers feel drowsy in the afternoon, it may be because they’ve gone a long time without getting outside for some fresh air and natural light. 

Human Feeling

It sounds silly, but natural light also reminds us that we’re human. Sometimes at work, deadlines, and meetings can get us feeling like machines. Getting outside during the daylight hours can help to center us and remind us of our humanity. 

It Keeps Us Focused

The mind needs to stay focused to do a good job at work. To do this, we need natural light to allow our brains the peace of mind that we’re not trapped. Windows in the office allow us to enjoy the outdoors while getting a good deal of work done. 

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