Posted by on July 12, 2019

Summer brings a lot of wonderful things. Warmer weather keeps us out and active longer into the day. Sunshine makes us feel happier as its vitamins seep into our skin. And yes, a bit of a careless, lackadaisical attitude might come with summer as well. Sure, summer might have people dreaming of vacations and playtime, but that can happen off the clock. On the clock, employees need to be ready to work, and the warmer months usually make that a bit harder. Need to get your employees back on the right track? Here are some ways to keep everyone on the ball during the summer.

Summer Month Tips for Increasing Productivity

For many people, summer was a vacation time during younger years. Recreate that feeling with these tips for making the summer more productive.

Summer Hours

During the summer, adjusting business hours every now and then can help make the workweek feel more exciting. As Friday comes along, cutting everyone loose for the weekend an hour earlier than usual can really get energy up during the actual work hours. Motivating employees is tough, but if they know the weekend is coming even sooner, they’ll likely keep their focus and make better strides towards completing goals and other job-related tasks. 

Surprise Outings

Some managers like to plan secret summer trips for their employees. A quick local outing is a great way to get everyone feeling excited for the workweek. Plus, these surprises catch employees off guard and make them feel cared for. It’s a small gesture that only needs to take an hour or two, but you’ll be surprised how much of a difference that can make in the summer months. 

Remote Work

Letting workers go to a coffee shop to work for a bit during the summer is a fun change of scenery they might love. Give it a go next time the team feels a little behind the ball. If they don’t love coffee, let them go brainstorm in the park, or even take things to a remote workplace to get them the change of scenery they need to regain focus and attend to the tasks at hand. Our campus features a picturesque pond and park, a café, a and coffee shop—all convenient locations for a quick office escape.

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