Posted by on May 24, 2019

Solar panels are likely powering some of the largest companies and offices in every major city. The cost and ability to install these game-changing systems allow businesses of all sizes to reap the rewards of energy efficient power sourcing. This is why we installed solar panels at TradeCenter 128.

The Basics of Solar Power and Panel Systems

Solar power comes from a very simple power source: the sun. The sun’s light is soaked up by panels and converted into electricity. The process of the photovoltaic effect, a scientific term for the sun’s rays transforming into electricity, was at one time expensive, not only to install but also to keep running. Now, it’s much more affordable, and there are key reasons to encourage companies to harness the power of solar energy.

Renewable Energy Now

There are a lot of researchers looking into the next best way to stop using non-renewable energy, but a popular, inexpensive form is available now. Panels can be placed on any roof or building to begin harnessing sunlight, and the process is easier to install than ever. Companies are available to commercial and private building owners in all 50 states, and the transition to renewable energy is harmless and extremely beneficial.

Lower the Cost of Electricity

Energy costs for an office building can be huge, but solar energy is cheap and cuts costs immediately. This allows Cummings Properties to pass along savings to its clients.  Because the sun is always “on,” if you will, there is no question whether energy will be available. Even on cloudy days, solar panels pick up UV rays and turn them into energy. There are no costs other than installation to use solar panels for electricity. For a fraction of the cost of energy companies, solar panels allow businesses to stop overpaying for electricity and start using it in a more environmentally friendly way. See some of our additional green benefits here!

If you have questions regarding our solar panels and how they benefit clients at Trade Center 128, call today to learn more.