Posted by on April 17, 2019

Finding a commercial property for your business can be challenging for a variety of reasons. From finding a building that has enough room for your employees to get the lease papers signed, many things can get in the way of the process. The best way to find a suitable building for your business is to have an idea of what building fits your basic requirements. Ask yourself, what exactly are we looking for and do we need? Although the answer to that question will vary from one company to the next, there are a few things that seem to remain consistent across the board.


Successful companies stick to a budget. When reviewing a space, understand all the costs associated with not only the monthly payments but expenses as well. It is best to understand the featured amenities of a property as this may alleviate some costs and add convenience to your business. TradeCenter 128 has numerous on-site amenities, which has helped companies make the decision to choose us. From on-site restaurants, banks, and child care services to professional maintenance and free parking, TradeCenter 128 has amenities that cater to most, if not all, employers and their employees.


Some companies fear that they’ll sign a lease and then the building will be sold, or perhaps a new property management firm will take over. Cummings Properties, approaching its 50th year in business, is one of the country’s most stable commercial real estate firms. It has never sold a building and it handles property management in-house, so clients can rest assured that they will be working with the same company throughout the lease term.


Because Cummings Properties owns many buildings throughout the greater Boston area, we can typically accommodate the changing needs of clients. Ask us about our “Expansion Space Guarantee,” which allows you to move to a larger space—with no penalty—when your company grows. Our sales and operations teams are well versed in uncovering clients’ needs and providing the best options possible.

If you have questions regarding our lease agreements, featured amenities, or other matters, reach out via a convenient online contact form or give us a call. We look forward to our continued involvement in creating workspaces that allow a local and global business environment in which they can succeed.