Posted by on March 27, 2019

Many people have begun taking steps to be eco-friendly in recent years. With global warming in the headlines and landfills overflowing, every person counts. The steps you take as an individual to be eco-friendly are important, but your office could be making a much bigger impact. If you’ve been wanting to make your office more eco-friendly, we have some easy tips to help out.

Conserve Electricity

Offices use large amounts of electricity each day. There are many ways you can begin conserving electricity in your office without impacting your day-to-day operations at all. Consider trying some of these electricity-saving tricks.

  • Turn off equipment – At the end of the day, all computers, printers, and photocopiers should be turned off. Leaving them on when no one is in the office is a huge waste of electricity.
  • Auto shut-off lights – Invest in a feature that will turn the lights off in a room if no one is in it for 15 minutes or more. Ideally, you’ll remember to turn them off on your own, but the added feature guarantees it isn’t forgotten.
  • Lock the thermostat – everyone in the office will have a different preference of temperature, but constantly changing the thermostat uses tons of electricity. Instead, set the thermostat to a neutral temperature and then lock it so that only authorized personnel can adjust it.

Reduce Waste

Offices tend to create a lot of unnecessary waste. Begin making small changes to reduce the amount of waste created each day. Get rid of disposable cups at the water cooler, send electronic memos instead of paper ones, and utilize office materials to their full potential. Encourage employees to recycle whatever waste they can and become more conscious of what they’re using each day.

Encourage Carpooling

Encourage employees to carpool to work. You can help by creating a carpooling schedule and even joining them in the carpool process. For those who are unable to carpool, help them look into public transport options close to the office. Not only do these steps help save the environment, but they will also help the employees save money too.

Becoming an eco-friendlier office is something that won’t happen overnight. Be patient with your employees and start out by making small, subtle changes. Bring up your desire to be eco-friendlier in the next staff meeting and hear out the suggestions of your team.

TradeCenter 128 was built using sustainable construction and business practices, which means if you choose a TradeCenter 128 office, your business will already be doing its part. By utilizing natural light, recycled building materials, and high-efficiency HVAC systems, TradeCenter 128 is on the cutting edge of Green Buildings.

It is important to encourage employees to continue utilizing green methods in their everyday life, as doing so improves our community and planet. If you have questions regarding how TradeCenter 128 is reducing its carbon impact, including that of its clients, give us a call today. If we all do our part, we can help curb climate change and leave a better world for future generations.