Posted by on March 20, 2019

Keeping your employees motivated and happy in the workplace is shown to improve productivity, but knowing how to achieve that can be extremely difficult. Instead of sticking to the same old methods and wondering why you don’t see results, it’s time to try something new. The Cummings team at TradeCenter128 wanted to write a blog that our clients could use as a resource for the subject.  Consider implementing some of these tips and tricks to improve your employee’s productivity.


Delegating tasks to employees is a part of every business, but it’s one with which many managers struggle. By delegating tasks to employees, you provide valuable professional development opportunities. Don’t forget to delegate some tasks away from yourself. It can be hard to give up control, but freeing up your time to focus on your employee and client relations have a domino effect in improving overall productivity.

Be Goal Oriented

If employees have a goal to work toward, they’re bound to be more productive. Consider setting daily and weekly goals that each department needs to accomplish. When they complete the goals, they will be left feeling fulfilled, and you’ll be left with improved productivity results. If you’re struggling to get them motivated, turn the goals into a fun competition with incentives for them to enjoy if they reach their goal the quickest. Be sure to give them attainable and realistic goals. By setting goals too high you’re setting them up for failure, and then they’ll be less likely to try to reach them in the future.

Never Stop Training

Employees who have been with your business for a long time may have some of the lowest productivity rates. Over time, employees become might comfortable in their role and, perhaps, stop striving to reach the next level of achievement. Take the time to train and develop all your employees on a regular basis, no matter how long they’ve worked for you.

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