Posted by on January 29, 2019

Woburn, MA is an area that 39,701 people call home. In addition to all those residents, there’s a large variety of businesses in the area. If you’re thinking about moving your office space to the Woburn area, these are just a few things you should be expecting.

Easy Access to Surrounding Areas

One of the main attractions that draws business owners to the Woburn area is the convenience that comes along with it. Just 11 minutes from Boston, an hour from Rhode Island, and 30 minutes from New Hampshire, this prime location will give you a large pool of clients and potential employees to choose from as you grow your business. Being situated at the crossroads of I-95 and I-93—greater Boston’s major travel routes—makes Woburn easily accessible from all directions. The ease of reaching nearby areas makes Woburn a prime location for any business, large or small.

A Large Business Community

Woburn is home to some major names in the business including Raytheon, Deltek, and XperTech. Route 128 is considered to be the technology center of the East Coast and it runs right through Burlington and Woburn. City buses and easily accessible freeways within the city will make transportation for your customers and employees alike a breeze.

Positive Employee Morale

Employee morale is important to the success of any business. During a move, this morale can quickly be lost, and recovering it is no easy task. The area surrounding your new Woburn office space will help to promote a positive employee culture. With many shops, businesses, and restaurants to choose from, your employees will be able to love the space they’re in outside of work. Finding the perfect office space is the first step to a successful move, but finding an area that your entire team will love is the next step.

At TradeCenter 128, we’re located in Woburn, just 11 miles from downtown Boston. Situated near I-93, and the Anderson Commuter Rail Station, our campus is accessible for commuters. With wide-open floor plans on all floors, as well as direct access to the atrium, we have space to accommodate any type of business.