Posted by on December 18, 2018

Moving your company to a new commercial property is an exciting step. Finding the perfect commercial property for your company may seem impossible, but there are a few specific things you can mark as “must-have’s” for the new property to ensure you and your employees will love it.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small

When you’re signing a lease for a new commercial property, you probably plan to stay there for a while. Keep the long-term growth plan for the company in mind when choosing a space. Many companies make the mistake of getting a space that fits them perfectly in the present but doesn’t allow for employee growth in the future. Be sure to set realistic goals for the growth of your company, as signing on a space that’s too big can be costly. Consider asking the property owner for an expansion space guarantee, which gives you the freedom to move to a larger space at any time with no penalty.

Neighbors That Complement Your Business

Finding a commercial property that has neighboring companies offering a similar service can really increase your revenue. Potential customers will already be in the building, and you’ll likely have a similar target demographic as those around you. If your services or products complement one another, you’ll likely begin recommending and sharing customers as time goes on.

Free Parking

Free parking is worth paying a slightly higher price for your commercial property lease. Have a commercial property that only offers paid parking or parking meters on the street could deter customers from visiting your company. Be sure to read the lease before signing to understand how many parking spaces your company has access to as well.

Employee Morale

Finding a space that encourages positive employee morale is vital to a successful company. Look for a property in close proximity to coffee shops, restaurants, and an outdoor area to get some fresh air. Allowing your employees to unwind and get away during their short breaks throughout the day will make a difference in their productivity. A commercial property with lots of windows and natural light is another great way to boost employee morale. You want your office space to feel inviting.

Lease an Office at TradeCenter 128

At TradeCenter 128, we have everything businesses need to feel completely comfortable with their lease decision. With free parking that can accommodate 1,000 cars and close proximity to I-95, TradeCenter 128 is perfect for businesses that are relocating. We’re located in the city of Woburn which is a family-friendly community just outside Boston and next to Burlington. For a quieter atmosphere that is still near the city, TradeCenter 128 is the solution.