Posted by on September 20, 2018

In the market for a new office? If you’ve never relocated offices or leased an office space, you may have an extensive list of questions and concerns. How to cut costs without sacrificing amenities or convenience is often a priority for businesses. The team at TradeCenter 128 is here to provide you with several tips to save on costs when leasing an office in the Greater Boston Area.

Choose an Affordable Location

At first glance, an office located in Boston or Cambridge might seem perfect, but leasing in the city has its drawbacks. Rather than paying Boston rent for a small space, consider looking in the broader Metro Boston area, such as in Woburn or Beverly. Leases in these North Shore communities are much more affordable, and businesses get more bang for their buck. Also, they’re close enough to downtown that employees can quickly commute in and out of the city for meetings.

Focus on the Needs of Your Business

As desirable as penthouse suites and ocean views are, being realistic will get your company ahead. Do you really need an office with a private gym or massive kitchen? Setting realistic goals will help you save an abundance of money when looking for a new office.

Save on Energy

There are little things you can do to lower costs even after you have signed a commercial property lease. Make sure devices are turned off at the end of each day and turn the lights off when employees aren’t in the restroom and when the conference rooms aren’t in use. LED bulbs should be essential. If you haven’t signed a lease yet, seek out an energy-efficient office.

Lease an Office at TradeCenter 128

At TradeCenter 128, located just a few miles from The District and the Burlington Mall, we offer affordable offices for lease in the Greater Boston Area. Situated along Route 128 and Interstate 95 in Woburn, our first-class offices include a free parking garage, on-site MBTA bus services, a dry cleaner, and on-site medical services. With several floor plans to choose from, including open office plans and retail suites, there are plenty of options to meet your needs.