Posted by on September 10, 2018

Searching for a new office doesn’t need to be a daunting experience, rather, this is an exciting time to transition your company into a completely new space. Whether you’re downsizing or seeking a larger office, look for amenities that will make the transition easier for yourself, your business, and your employees. We’ve listed below several amenities that might grab your attention.

Plenty of Windows

An office with glass walls or lots of windows will greatly boost your staff’s productivity, and the sunlight will increase serotonin levels, in turn making your employees much happier. There are plenty of benefits from having windows in the office such as boosting energy levels.

On-site Parking

For employees who will be driving in, free parking is key. It can be frustrating for employees to pay to park or to have to arrive at work early to guarantee a parking spot. Having a large lot that’s completely free of cost is certainly a nice perk. Garages are also convenient, especially during inclement weather.

Quick, Functioning Elevators

If you’re leasing an office on multiple floors, this could potentially be one of the most critical amenities. While there are going to be employees that opt for the stairs due to health benefits, not every employee is going to want to hike up a set of stairs at 9 AM. Having reliable elevators will help ensure that everyone gets to the office in a timely manner.

Break Room & Kitchen

A fully stocked kitchen area is a nice little retreat for employees throughout the day. Having some appliances like a coffee maker or microwave can go a long way. Employees need a place to relax, whether to whip up a hot latte in the morning or sit down for a few minutes away from their desk at some point during the day.

Amenities at TradeCenter 128

At TradeCenter 128, located on the town line of Woburn and Burlington, our offices come with numerous amenities to accommodate a wide variety of leasing clients. We provide short-term office spaces, perfect for startups that aren’t looking to commit to a longer lease. Lunch break at TradeCenter 128 is convenient as we have a Dunkin’ Donuts and Big Sky Bread on site as well as the Italian steakhouse Strega Prime, which has become a meeting hot-spot. With a daycare on the premises, parents can feel at ease knowing their little ones are just around the corner.