Posted by on July 15, 2018

Coming up with the perfect office floor plan is critical, especially since more and more companies are revving up their design game. Before creating an office floor plan, consider the size of your company, whether your business is growing, and what type of industry you’re working in. You may gravitate toward an open office floor plan, but your employees could benefit from cubicles. Let’s explore the various types of office floor plans so you can make the right decision for your business.

Open Office Floor Plan

Younger companies, such as tech startups, have open offices, which boost collaboration. Millennials, as well as bosses who need to be in constant communication with their employee, enjoy open offices. On the other hand, some workers dislike open floor plans because there is less privacy and it can get loud.

Half Partition Floor Plans

Similar to cubicles, half partitions give employees the privacy they need without feeling excluded from their colleagues. This space consists of a wall that only goes halfway up; so if you’re having a hard time deciding between cubicles and open floor plans, this might be the floor plan for you.

Department Enclosures

This floor plan is laid out exactly how you’d think. Each department is separated so team members can collaborate with each other; this significantly decreases any outside distractions.

Landscape Layout

The only difference between landscape layouts and open offices is that employees’ desks are placed at different angles instead of neatly in rows. Some business that use the landscape layout refer to this as “modified open plan style.”

Lease an Office at TradeCenter 128

We understand how challenging it can be selecting an office and creating a layout, which is why we have several floor plans to choose from. Regardless of the type or size of your business, the commercial property team at TradeCenter 128 has several options available, all strategically located in the city of Woburn, MA, right on the Burlington, MA line.

Our offices are directly in front of Route 128/I-95, making this a commuter’s dream. For employees in the North Shore, Middlesex County, or elsewhere in the Greater Boston Area, Woburn is centrally located along two major routes. Our offices have wide-open floor plans with flexible layouts, so you won’t feel limited when selecting a design.