Posted by on July 2, 2018

The topic of whether to have a closed versus an open office has been long debated. Many companies today, however, are going with the open floor plan. Not too long ago, many office spaces featured rows of cubicles with the aim of helping employees focus on the key tasks at hand. With changing times, an open floor plan has become a popular office trend.

An open floor plan can create a much better and healthier atmosphere by fostering collaboration and cutting costs. It is essential for any business to choose the most suitable layout for the company. Communication, culture, cost, and privacy are some of the main considerations when contemplating which floor plan is ideal for a business. In light of this, mentioned below are some of the ways your employees can benefit from an open floor plan:

Open Culture

Businesses are gradually realizing that creating a congenial and comfortable work environment for employees is one of the top priorities. As more and more companies are adapting to open floor plans, they are noticing a positive change in company culture. Having an open floor plan can help break down the hierarchy and can bring a more intimate feel to your workplace.

More Collaboration

One of the major benefits of tearing down the literal walls in your office is more collaboration. When multiple employees work in the same office space, it is more likely that they will exchange ideas and seek input and feedback.

There is no denying that there are many web-based tools, like Slack and HipChat, to enhance communication nowadays. Human beings are social, however, and there are several productivity and psychological benefits from in-person communications in the workplace.

Improved Employee Health

Studies have indicated that it isn’t mentally or physically healthy for employees to be hunched over laptops and sitting down all day. As such, another potential benefit of open floor plans is better employee health, as these office arrangements encourage employees to get up and move around more often.

In addition, open place offices tend to let in more sunlight from windows and also enhance air quality via increased air flow, making the office space more aesthetically pleasing.

Future Flexibility

It is difficult to predict what the next hot office trend will be or whether some other space configuration will emerge that is more convenient or beneficial compared to the open floor office plan.

Having a shared office space now, however, your business can ensure you and your employees are sufficiently flexible for whatever may come next. It is more economical and easier to add more new features to your open floor plan than change an existing walled structure in order to give the latest office trend a try in the future.

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