Posted by on May 4, 2018

Deciding to move to a new office is a big deal, and it’s not a choice you should make alone. Your employees ought to play a role in helping you find a workspace that will be great not only for your company but also for them, the people who make things happen for you each and every day.

All too often, business owners pack up shop without ever consulting their staff members. This is a mistake for more reasons than one. Below, you’ll see exactly why you need to get your employees’ input before putting a new address on your letterhead.

They’re the Ones Who Know What They Need

Even if you’re an extremely involved business owner, there’s a very good reason you have employees: you can’t do what they do. Therefore, you probably don’t know exactly what they need to be as productive and efficient as possible on a daily basis.

Consulting with them before you sign a new lease will allow them to express their needs to you in an open forum. Never realized your IT staff would prefer an open coworking space to their current cubicles? Give them the chance to tell you!

They’ll Probably Have Ideas You Never Thought Of

There’s a good chance (a near certainty, actually) that your staff members will have ideas about your new office that haven’t even occurred to you yet. Perhaps, for example, some of them are familiar with an up-and-coming neighborhood that isn’t on your radar where you can get a ton of space at a great rate. Or, maybe they’ll have ideas about the layout of your new office that could help work flow more smoothly.

Their Respect For You Will Increase

Business owners who ask for their employees’ input before moving offices tend to have better relationships with their staff members than those who don’t. This is because workers respect owners who take their opinions into consideration.

By letting your staff know you value their thoughts, you are building a team-minded relationship with them. The more your employees know you care what they think, the more likely they will be to talk to you when something is bothering them in the future. This could improve retention and morale around the office.


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