Posted by on April 10, 2018

Leasing an office space is exciting, as it’s a fresh start for your company and employees. While searching for the perfect space can seem overwhelming, and you must possess a particular level of patience, it’s worth it to search for your dream location. The team at TradeCenter 128 has compiled several tips to help your business lease an office with confidence.

Ask Your Employees

If you currently have an office in the city and plan on moving to the outskirts of Boston, you’ll want to get input from your employees. Which areas would be most convenient for them? What amenities would they appreciate?  Asking employees makes them feel valued, and it’s something they will be grateful for.

Think About the Future

While you may have 30 employees now, do you see your company expanding in the next one to two years? If so, you’ll want a space that is a bit larger than anticipated. You may not need to utilize this space now, but it will save you a bundle of money in the future. Often, companies think only of their current situation, which leaves them renting two offices later on or staying cramped, which can lead to a high turnover.

Alternatively, lease with a property manager like Cummings Properties that offers an expansion space guarantee whenever you’re ready for it. Either way, be sure to consider the future of your company.

Be Patient

You may want to jump at the first office that meets your needs, but you should browse around for a while. The office could have an exceptional break room and cozy conference room, but perhaps it’s not energy efficient and there isn’t sufficient parking. You’ll want to prioritize your needs and search around for a while before committing to a specific office.

Give Yourself Enough Time

It may come as a surprise a large corporation should start looking a couple of years before its lease expires, but you can never start too soon. Smaller tenants can give themselves six months to look while most companies should begin looking 12-18 months in advance.

Are you looking to lease an office in the Greater Boston Area? We offer a variety of offices for rent in Woburn MA that are all energy efficient and come with plenty of amenities. Get in touch with us today!