Posted by on April 4, 2018

When searching for your next office it’s important to consider both the interior and exterior of the space, along with location. An office space greatly impacts company morale and the day-to-day operations at your company. As you search for your next office space, consider the information below.

  1. Location is Key

Think of your employees and where they reside. Do most of your employees live in the suburbs? Look for an office space that is both affordable and accommodating. You’ll want to be in a secure area where there are plenty of convenience stores, shops, and restaurants around so employees have somewhere to go on break.

  1. Room for Growth

Startups typically need a bit more room if they are experiencing growth in the company, but this is true for any business. If you plan on hiring more staff, or if you’re in need of additional conference rooms, lease a space that allows expansion.

  1. Technical Capabilities

You’ll want to make sure your new office has strong Internet capabilities. While it may be difficult to determine this, you can pay close attention to the infrastructure. A building with solid Internet connectivity will have a selection of fiber providers. Fixed wireless, fiber connections, and high-quality cabling ensures reliability.

Pay attention to the floor plan as well. Open floor plans provide a Wi-Fi connection with limited blockages.

  1. LED Lighting

Lights that are either too dim or too bright can cause major problems for workers. Employees can have headaches due to poor lighting, and company morale can plummet. Offices with natural lighting allow employees to have a taste of the outside world. If there aren’t any windows, see if there are LEDs available.

  1. Added Costs

Read the lease to confirm what costs are included and what will be your responsibility. Full-service leases typically include items like common area maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, and utilities. Triple-net leases (NNN), on the other hand, pass many of these costs to the tenant, which can make it difficult to budget for future expenses.

  1. Parking Spaces

If the office is located away from public transportation and employees need to rely on driving, see if there are enough spaces to accommodate you team and clients.

Lease an Office Space at TradeCenter 128

Our offices are situated in Woburn, a dynamic location situated just outside the city. With access to public transportation and parking included, our offices are an excellent option for any commuter. We also use solar panel installations to reduce your energy bill.