Posted by on March 27, 2018

There’s plenty you can do to add a burst of color in your workspace without having to make a financial splurge. While we typically opt for a new paintjob, there are other ways we can bring some color into the office.

Hang up Artwork

Sites such as Etsy and Amazon offer unique artwork with a low price tag. Browse flea markets, thrift shops, and yard sales to grab art that your co-workers will love. Even a fun office calendar can liven up the workplace. Consider geometric shapes, intricate patterns, and floral designs when incorporating color into your workspace.

Invest in Colorful Office Supplies

Office supplies are relatively cheap, especially if you’re investing in smaller items like pens and folders. Most office supply stores offers a wide-selection of office supplies that are come in a variety of colors and designs. From neon sticky notes to animal-shaped paperclips, there are some innovative office supplies that are sure to brighten up the office.

Bright Furniture

You don’t need to go overboard, but a few accent pieces will jazz up your workspace. For a small foot stool or a new computer chair, look for furniture in blues, greens, oranges, or any other bright hue. Consider looking for furniture that matches your company logo.

Use Tapestry

Tapestry is the perfect way to add some texture into the workspace. If you have your own office or sit in a cubicle, use that space to hang tapestry.

Bring in a Mural

Rather than painting a mural on the wall, bring in a large mural and prop it up against your desk or hang it on the wall.

Put Plants on the Desk

Adding plants to your desk creates a calm atmosphere, and all that greenery looks beautiful in the office. Succulents are low maintenance, so they are idea for busy office settings.

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