Posted by on March 14, 2018

Most of us are in the office 40 hours a week, so we do as much as we can to make it feel like home. While more and more companies are investing in new furniture, purchasing snacks for the kitchen, and investing in stand-up desks or plush chairs, employees are now getting in on the action. Some workers will place a flower pot in their cubicles to brighten up the space, and others will bring in photos of their kids. Whatever the case may be, there are multiple things we can do to transition our work space into a cozy nook.


A little bit of lighting goes a long way. Even if your office space has LED lights, there’s something comforting about having your own lamp next to your desk. Invest in lighting that reflects your personality.

Bring in Books

Although you may not have time to read at the office, books offer familiarity. A few books placed along your desk also add a variety of color. Bring in some books related to your line of work and read a few lines during the day for inspiration.

Hang Up Photos

If you have a special someone, don’t be afraid to bring in a photo. Hang up photos of your dog, cats, children, friends, or places you’ve traveled. Cork boards and white boards are the perfect spot for you to hang up photos. These will certainly provide you with comfort when you’re going through a hectic day.

Purchase a Rug

A small rug laid out under your feet adds a pop of color to your workspace. A fluffy rug will also make you feel more serene if you work in a fast-paced environment.


Taking time out of your busy day to tend to your plants, gives you back that sense of control, and it provides you with a nice break from work. Whether you bring in a few flowers, some cacti or several pots of plants, bringing the outside indoors is the best way to calm your nerves during the day.


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