Posted by on January 25, 2018

The aesthetics of an office are sometimes overlooked by companies, but it’s often beneficial to create a warm and inviting office space for both employees and potential clients. Although this may not seem essential, the overall design of the office could greatly impact the productivity of your staff.

Consider how much time per week you spend in the office. The average adult spends more than 50 percent of his or her day in the office, and because this is a substantial part of your day, it’s critical to create a welcoming atmosphere.

What is the Space Used For?

First, take the time to think about what your space will be used for. Do you need ample meeting spaces? Perhaps you need several conference rooms and work spaces. If you have several higher management positions, you could potentially be seeking private offices or cubicles.

Think About the Layout and Appearance

Designing the layout is another critical component when creating an inviting and productive atmosphere. Think about whether you’d like a large open floor plan where employees can easily collaborate or if you are in need of a layout that offers more privacy. Next, consider the interior design of your space. You’ll want to use colors that energize your employees, offer a sense of tranquility, and match your overall brand. The interior design sets the mood of the office.

Factor in Technology & Equipment

Technology is advancing rapidly, so you want to make sure you’re preparing for what is around the corner. In the past, many desks were set up next to phone jacks, but in the last couple decades, mobile devices have significantly increased in popularity, decreasing the need for landlines. Discuss with your IT department and management what technology will be used and how much room you will need. Will the reception area need a television? Maybe the conference room could use a projector.

Each company is unique and has different needs. Take ample time to consider the growth of your company, how much storage you will need, and how employees felt in the last office space. With planning and a little creativity, you can create an office that suits the needs of your employees and clients. If you’re interested in leasing an office space in Woburn, MA call us at 781.932.7029.